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bathroom fittings for a stardreamer 2000

stardreamer 23

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hi there, am new to the forum. our corner sink fitting in our stardreamer 2000 has cracked. we would really like to replace it. the sink has the shower attachment with it, and a cupboard underneath. any ideas where we can go. I only seem to be able to find replacement sinks etc. many thanks :-D
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Is your motohomes’s bathromm washbasin as shown in the attached photo that relates to a Year-2000 Autocruise Stardream? If so (as the design of the basin is complicated and quite possibly unique to Autocruise) finding a replacement may be very difficult, if not impossible.


You could try this company




that stocks spares for older Autocruise models. Even if they cannot offer a replacement, they might be able to advise you further.


This earlier (2008) discussion




asked a similar Autocruise-related question. Cirencester Plastics was mentioned as a possible source, but their website is now inactive so the company may no longer be trading.


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See this contact that I posted earlier about a month ago to Judgemental

This contact has made several sinks ans separate splashbacks for our group

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If manufacturers replacement part is extortionate or as in original Hymer Exsis not available contact

Derek Justice derek_justice@talk21.com

He has made several in fibre glass for our members

Of course other sources may be available



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