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France and Spain for Oct & Nov with 2 year old!


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My husband and I are currently planning our first major trip a) overseas and b) with our 2 year old daughter.


We were thinking of leaving the UK late Sept/ early October and working our way through France to the bottom of Spain over 2 months, then doing a quick return trip over a few days including a ferry back from northern Spain.


I was wondering whether anyone has any advice on either long trips through France and Spain at that time of year, and/or how to make it fun for (and with) a two year old.


Thanks in advance.

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Depends on where you envisage staying, as you will find many campsites beginning to close after the end of September, so a good guide would be worthwhile. As you'll be out of season, I'd Suggest getting the ACSI card, but also the DVD which has a database of sites searchable for opening/closing dates.


The weather usually begins to crack around the end of October, so getting well south by then would be a good plan.


Crossing the bay of Biscay late November is high risk if you aren't good sailors! Might be better to do that on the way out, spend most time in Spain, and then drive back across France fairly quickly - unless the weather proves favourable.

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