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breatherlisers in France


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This was the position in April 2015 and nothing has changed since then.


As you are probably aware, the breathalyser law is on the French statute books but an implementation date (after which the French police had powers to fine a driver for non-compliance) was put on indefinite hold. Given the fiasco the French breathalyser law produced (and its unpopularity) it seems most unlikely that an implementation date will ever be set.

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whisturx - 2015-07-15 8:54 AM


I note that both P & O and Dover Ferry Port still insisting on their posters etc. that they are law in France! Perhaps they are trying to clear a warehouse full ! Even a big poster at Maidstone Services !


But it is still the law in france that you carry one, It's just there is no way of punishing you for not carrying one.

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