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X 290 glove box


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Presumably one just removes the cup-holder unit and replaces it with the glove-box unit - or are you asking for ‘blow-by-blow’ instructions?


The August 2014 UK Fiat Professional price-list relating to the X290 Ducato range indicated that the central glove-box was a £50 (VAT Ex) option, replacing the standard cup-holder unit.


The majority of motorhome manufacturers seem to have opted for the loathsome cup-holder, but a few right-minded converters (eg. Bailey and Rapido) have chosen to specify the much more useful glove-box.


As MikeJJ highlights, it won’t be cheap to purchase a brand new glove-box unit from a Fiat main agent, though I note that a unit is currently offered on e-bay for £75.




I’m guessing that the X290’s glove-box is identical to the one used on the X250, so (assuming that’s the case) it might be possible to obtain one more cheaply from a breaker.

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Not sure if this might help with removal of the cup-holder unit and its replacement with a central glove-box as it seems only to cover the glove-box lid...




If I were looking to remove my Rapido’s glove-box I’d just undo all the visible screws and hope it would then come off. I’ve a vague recollection that it’s necessary to undo the screws that hold the fabric ‘cradle’ at the base of the glove-box as there are fixing screws behind the cradle, but I don’t know if that’s indeed the case.


Plainly, if you bought a motorhome that has the cup-holder, your first task would be to remove that unit and I would have thought this should be straightforward and the method obvious (Famous last words!) Once the cup-holder was off it should not be difficult to ascertain how the glove-box is attached based on the screw holes in the dashboard and the ‘lugs’ on the glove-box. As it’s more complex than the cup-holder you might need extra screws and (if you wanted to lock the glove-box) you’d need to think about how you would match the glove-box’s lock with the vehicle’s ignition-key.


The sensible thing, of course, would be to have the central glove-box as part of the motorhome’s original specification and you might want to explore that possibility with Auto-Trail (or you could just buy a Bailey or Rapido...)

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....the cup holder and associated panel is extremely easy to remove.


Remove the rubber base from the central square tray between the cup holders and remove the screw located underneath,


Remove the two plastic "blanking plugs" towards the top of the panel above the cup holders, and remove the screw under each one.


Then simply pull the whole panel and the holders as one unit towards the rear of the 'van.


It is located by lugs, but these are not the type that are easy to break or deform, and the panel will re-fit securely.


(If you have the USB socket fitted above the cup holders, then I would make sure the panel is not initially pulled too far out before investigating how much clearance you can get - I haven't, and there is nothing that prevents full removal after the three screws are removed).



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