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Laika Ecovip 7.1g - Help needed Please


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Hi All.


I have recently purchased a Laika Ecovip 7.1g and would like to know if anybody has used the S.M.E CP900 charger to add a solar panel too? In the book of instructions it say you can connect a solar panel and shows the pin to connect to, however it gives no other details. I would like to know if anybody has done this? if so do I need a regulator? and what Wattage panels can I fit?. I have spoken to Laika and also Southdowns and they don't know what or how to do this as the charge is no longer manufactured.


I would appreciate any help that you guys and girls may be able to give.








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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Simon.


I notice that you’ve received a reply to your inquiry on the MHFun forum.




This 2009 discussion may be of interest




While it would make sense to install a solar panel using a motorhome’s pre-installed connection system if the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions are available, as Dave Newell pointed out in 2009, when such information cannot be obtained it might be preferable to ignore the inbuilt system.


If anyone in the UK has detailed technical information about connecting a solar panel to the CP900 charger, it’s likely to be a Laika Club member.




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We had the same model motorhome and when we wanted a solar panel fitted they would not use the built-in controller but used a separate one, this worked perfectly. Laika are not very forthcoming with information, we needed a new exhaust and the Fiat garage couldn't work out which one it was so we contacted Laika but couldn't get a proper answer but they were willing to supply one to us at an astronomical cost, but try the Laika Owners Club UK.
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