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Folding solar panels


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Hi Everyone


I am looking for a solution, I cannot have a fixed panel as the `van roof has not enough flat space & I am not convinced about flexi models. Therefore I am thinking of a folding option (80w.) it seems either Biard or Bosch are the best options, have any of you had experience ?

I would appreciate any thoughts.


regards Roger

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Hi Roger,


Did you resolve your dilemma?


I am about to embark on a similar project and like you not convinced on Flexi panels as i read a lot of bad press on them.


So my intensions are to use the standard 850mm x 1200mm panel but use block spacers to raise it at the front of the van roof where it dips down, this will also ensure it has good ventilation, which i hear is the main fault with the Flexi panels stuck to the roof.



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