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2016 motorhome prices


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As someone who is dabbling with the idea of buying a motorhome I have been watching the various makers offerings with interest. Although 2015 was good one always wonders whether to wait and see what next year holds. However, although many have announced various new ideas for their 2016 range, none have announced any prices. In the main these seem to be 'announced at the NEC Show'. Can I ask 'why?'. Surely they have some idea of what the costs are going to be, so why not issue a price list with the new models they have already announced? . If the exchange rate changes drastically, then change it accordingly. It has not stopped them in the past. Or is it a case of none of them wishing to be first to put 'head over parapet' and so they can all get their prices to more or less match each other, depending on quality of course. It is all a bit irritating as for a number of reasons I cannot visit the NEC so will have to wait to see whether the new prices are interesting enough to make me sign up, and then have to trek to a dealer to see if they have any models available for viewing.
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