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Swift kon tiki 679 front bed


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Apologies in advance if I haven't searched deep enough for an existing thread ??


I have a '14 swift kon tiki 679 hi-line and I need some guidance on the make up of the front bed. I attempted to convert the seating into the 6'10" by 4'6" bed without success. There is an array of seat cushions to use, slide out trays etc but with it all out and the cushions in place it doesn't resemble the bed in the manufacturers picture?? You can't fit a sheet round it as the 2 rear forward facing sets interfere with the rectangular shape of the bed.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Many thanks




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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, David.


Sadly it’s commonplace for there to be little or no useful information in a motorhome’s owner handbook to advise how a ‘jig-saw’ bed should be constructed, and it’s not unknown for motorhome dealerships to be unable to successfully demonstrate the technique to a buyer.


As I’m sure you are aware, drawings of a 679’s Day and Night layouts are shown on the Swift website.




These suggest that constructing the front bed involves doing what you’ve already tried - essentially sliding out things from the seat bases and rearranging cushions (perhaps turning some of them upside-down and/or adding ‘filler’ cushions). I wouldn’t be too surprised if the result is a bed not perfectly rectangular (nor wonderfully comfortable) and it certainly seems from Swift’s drawings that the forward-facing seats may well make fitting a sheet impracticable.


It’s possible that a forum-member has the same model/vintage Kon-tiki as yours and can give you blow-by-blow instructions on how best to build the bed. If not, I’d try SwiftTalk




as that’s where you are most likely to find Kon-tiki owners with hands-on experience of making this front bed. And, as SwiftTalk is ‘owned’ by Swift Group, you should be able to get advice about it from the factory if owners can’t help.

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I found this Australian 2014 “Caravan World” review of a Swift Kon-tiki 669 motorhome that has a similar interior layout to the 679 but without the overcab bed.




The article includes two photos (attached) showing the front lounge and the conversion of the seating into a bed. I presume that, once the slide-out thing is extended from the left seat-base and the ’shelf arrangement' on the right is set up, the seat base and back cushions are then arranged on the slide-out/shelf in an optimum fashion. It’s not easy to decide from the photo what that would be, but the base cushions seem to have ‘rolls’ on their front edges and these might want to go at the head and foot of the bed.


It looks like - whatever you do - you’ll very likely end up with a bumpy bed with quite a few joins in it, so you may want to forget trying to fit a sheet directly to it and use a 'mattress topper' with the sheet fitted to that. Or you might consider using two duvets - one to sleep under and the other to sleep on - as we did with our Hobby motorhome that had a fixed bed with a two-part mattress split lengthwise and an uncomfortable central join between the two sections.



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Hi Derek

Thanks for the detailed reply - your search engine is better than mine!

The pic of the bed 'in construction' shows the same issue - and irregular shape. I believe you are right about laying over a topper of some form, and dispensing with the fitted sheet.

Fortunately, we won't have to build it too often as the other two beds are perfect.




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