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Hydra trail Easylifter trailer owner needing help


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We have recently bought a Easylifter trailer and we are finding some issues surrounding it's assembly. Particular areas causing problems are the stantion that supports the jack. Often seem not to be the holes in the right place and we're selecting the closest and packing with wood to reach ground level. Second problem is the pin that prevents the rack pivoting when being loaded. We're having real problems getting the pin out when the bike is loaded. We've tried removing the pin when the wheels are taking the full weight and we've tried levering up slightly all to no avail. Anyone who own one of these trailers, I would be grateful of your sage advice.

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Hi RosePearl.


I believe that your problems with this excellent device stem from an initially incorrect installation height.


Let me explain... The device is initially fitted at an "optimum height" but this needs to be when the m/h is normally laden, as it would be for when you'll actually use the EasyLifter. What could happen is that it's fitted when the m/h is unladen, empty of water, no gas, etc, etc. OR... the reverse - the m/h heavily laden. This all means that the device is at various heights, depending upon load, and not at the right height when you want to fit it.


You need to reassess the ride height and if necessary, change the height of the device.

I've used one of these...


You're able to then adjust the height as appropriate, but in my experience, once you get the combination of load/bracket height sorted, you won't have any more probs. Until you decide to load up when taking that anvil to the tip! I do have three small squares of thin plank to raise the height if I'm on a slight slope or for soft ground.


And the sticking pin? Ensure it's lightly lubricated then use "brute force and ignorance" to rock the entire plot while pulling on the pin! Voila!


Good luck.



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