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Changing the headlights.


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I'm trying to get our vehicles sorted out to get them registered in France, and having to do it in between the various jobs and projects ongoing around our little adobe hacienda in the south west, so it's a case of do a bit miss a bit.

I have established that the headlights are the standard Peugeot units, and as there seems to be a lot of Peugeot Boxers around here which have left hand drive, I shall have no trouble buying the replacement units, and I now know that they are fitted with some sort of vacuum mechanism for raising and lowering the beam.

The headlights are fastened to the fibreglass front panels made by Monsieur Pilote and his merry men, and can be accessed through a fairly generous hole in the fibreglass bit directly above the bulb holder. I can see what appear to be the two nuts which secure the retaining bolts on the outer side of each unit, and I could get a spanner on them, but there appears to be another one fastening on the inner side of each unit, which I can neither see nor touch because the vacuum unit for the beam adjuster is in the way on both units.

Does anyone have any understanding of the headlamp units as used on the 1996/7 Boxer?


Can I remove the vacuum unit with the lamp in situ to gain access to the third nut? , and as it does not appear to work, should I bother to replace it?

I shall be most grateful for any advice before I start breaking this thing apart.



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The following link is to a discuusion about early Boxers’ headlamps that (apparently) have a ‘beam height’ adjuster that operates using hydaulic principles.




I can’t tell you whether or not the adjustment mechanism can be removed easily from the headlamp to allow you to access the fixings used to secure the headlamp in place, but I would have thought Pilote would have installed the headlamp with the adjuster attached.


In fact, I suspect that your assumptions about how the headlamps are secured may be wrong, and that the “third nut” fixing that you cannot see or touch may not actually exist.


In this earlier thread




Brian Kirby’s posting of 18 August 2011 4:43 PM describes how pre-X250 (ie 1994-2006) Ducatos/Boxer/Relay headlamps were attached and I’d expect the same method to apply to your Pilote A-class.

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