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Let there be praise


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We're all quite quick to be vocal about the crap service we receive from time to time, and my view is that it is welcome if puts a few lacklustre or not-customer-focussed companies or organisations on their toes.


We are naturally less inclined to get vocal when a company/organisations delivers the expected service. Why should we?


Government Departments take a lot of stick, so I want to go on record in my acknowledgement or a surprising turn of events from the two Government Departments I have dealt with during the course of Registering my newly imported Motorhome.


The VCA took less than a work week to process my application, so ten days from the day I mailed it I had the approval in my hands. The DVLA, the one I was resigned to waiting at least four weeks for them to churn my application, astounded me. I posted the forms on the 17th, and received the V5 today, the 26th.


So hats off to both of them.


Surprisingly, I have heard nothing from HMRC since I mailed the NOVA form. Lets hope they aren't reading this.


So, get the alarm fitted, plus a couple of electrickery bits, and we're off. That boat really needs to sell now.


Thanks again to all forum-ites who have chipped in with help, great bunch of people.


Best regards,





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All I can say is you were very, very lucky, DVLA's service is absolutely diabolical, do you by any chance work for them?


When I registered my new van last year I had to get the Managing Director of DVLA, Personal Assistant involved to get my registration sorted out satisfactory.


More recently I upgraded the weight on my van, I have finally received a correct V5 this week after 3 months and 23 days. I am still waiting for the refund the application went in in April.


DVLA are a total shambles not fit for purpose, only have to look at the number of posts on the web about thier useless service.

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Chuns, you have been very lucky, but praise is due in your case.


Our experience was very poor earlier this year. A returned V5 application, saying that we needed to apply for registration of a used vehicle, when ours was brand new, with no explanation as to why. Repeated calls to DVLA could elicit no help, just officials repeating the mantra "resubmit".


We resubmitted with no changes and with fingers crossed. Lo and behold this time we got our V5. But then 3 days later we got another V5, with a letter saying the first V5 was faulty and should be destroyed - they had forgotten to write the VIN number on the V5!


SHAMBLES and whats worse you can't talk to them.

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lennyhb - 2015-08-27 8:24 AM


DVLA's service is absolutely diabolical, do you by any chance work for them?.


No, even when I was working I didn't!!


Sorry to hear about all the diabolical shambles, but I thought it fair to retell my experience. It certainly seems they were the exception to the rule.





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Guest pelmetman

This is a system generated acknowledgement - Do not reply to this email.


Thank you for your enquiry.


DVLA will review and send a reply to you within ***3 working days.***


Our office hours are 9am to 4.30pm.


Alternatively, for help, advice and online services you can visit the website at www.gov.uk/browse/driving



I received the above on the 7th of August........and I'm still waiting *-) ........



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I think you'll find the vast majority of DVLA transactions go through smoothly. It does falls down on the exceptional cases and the sudden need to implement the latest Government wheeze. The flip-flopping of governments pursuing power and dogma over the years has made it difficult for the Civil Service to work with a sense of direction. The worst period seems to be during the Coalition, the best during the Blair years suggesting a strong Government, whatever the party in power, is needed to deliver good public sector service.


I'm not defending the DVLA because it should be fit for purpose in all it does. However, I did work with [not in] one department that had been told by one Minister to maximise fee income to reduce the deficit, another Minister wanted the data to be freely available to boost the economy, and a third Minister wanted everything to be joined up e-services or handled manually at the back of the queue. Try delivering a cohesive strategy with motivated staff when you have three Ministers pulling in different directions; doable but not easily so.


Look beyond the people and sometimes the Civil Service if you want to play the blame game.



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