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Upgrade to Fiat 2015 ducato bluetooth radio unit, speakers, amp?


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Has anyone had the cab speakers & tweeter upgraded in a Fiat 2015 motohome ?


The factory fitted bluetooth radio unit lacks a little punch and I was gathering thoughts on possibly applying an upgrade to it. The speakers at the rear are fine as we only listen to those when stationary and they're more than adequate...it's the cab side whilst driving that are a little tinny and lack depth.


Anyone know what sized speakers are currently in the door / tweeters in windscreen pillars please?


Can anyone tell me of the part number for the OEM bluetooth radio unit is as I can't appear to find much technical information on it at all.


Also, does anyone know, can an amplifier be fitted to the factory fit radio unit? I know some car radio units have different connectors on the back which limits what type of amplifier can be use.


Any responses very welcome!

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Hi, my door speakers are 6 1/2 inches.i did away with the fiat radio and fitted a kenwood dab radio.by using a splitter there is no need to replace aerial but make sure its truly vertical. I have two amps fitted.one a kenwood underseat sub woofer type which is an easy wiring job and a second amp drives the rear speakers.i never replaced the tweeters.the fitted fiat radio is a cheap bit of rubbish.use better wiring throughout to get better sound.michael
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