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Have you managed to get your remote central locking key repaired?


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My Fiat Ducato central locking remote key no longer works. This is almost certainly the result of swimming in a lovely thermal pool in Spain with the key in my pocket!

I understand that new remote key could cost around £180 from a Fiat dealer. However I have come across a few sellers on eBay and elsewhere offering a key repair service for about £30. This includes repairing the circuit board.

I wondered if anybody else has had any experience of getting their remote key repaired?

Any feedback would be welcome.

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I would think twice about using anywhere other than a Fiat dealer, because what is to stop them making 2 keys? They would have your address, presumably? Maybe even the reg no of van. Therefore easy to find van and drive it away???

Whats £180 .00 compared to the cost of loosing your van??


Just my opinion, but then I trust no-one these days.


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As suggested in a previous thread, you could try Timpsons for a replacement. They should be easier on your wallet than Fiat, but still expensive.


I am investigating obtaining a replacement non central locking key for my early 2006 Ducato, but the nearest branch to me is waiting for the protracted return of essential equipment.



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Hi, as suggested, take it apart and wash it out with fresh water then gently dry it out with a hair dryer.


you must wash it out with clean water as the chlorine in pool water could react with the copper inside the key electronics causing corrosion, , and the tiny batteries inside will almost certainly need replacing.


if the electronics inside have died, then a replacement key is only option. Doubtful if one is available other than from

vehicle main dealer..at great expense.




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I left a mobile phone in my pocket and it went in the washing machine.


Did a bit of googling and the perceived wisdom was if the thing was kaput completely, and therefore nowt to lose, freeze it.


I kid you not. So I did. 24 hours later I got the phone out, let it defrost, blew a blast of warm air on it, pressed the on button and it worked!


One of the buttons was a tad difficult to extract a response from but other than that it lasted until its contract expired about 6 months later.




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