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Cab blinds for 2015 transit


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Th following link is to a recent forum-thread that mentions Remis blinds for the latest Transit (I don’t think Seitz-branded blinds are available for this vehicle)




A GOOGLE-search on “Remifront cab blinds” will show that there are quite a few UK companies that offer the Remis product




and it needs emphasising that you’d need to be VERY careful if ordering from them to specify exactly which Transit model the blinds will be fitted to.


Remifront blinds can be DIY-fitted as ‘denkate’ in the forum-thread mentions doing (though if the blinds were fitted to a 2010 Ford-based Chausson the vehicle will be a Transit Mk 7 not a Mk 8), but I’d anticipate anyone buying a brand-new motorhome and wanting cab blinds will ask the supplying dealership to obtain the blinds (as ’noble1’ did) and probably ask the dealership to fit them. That approach may well be less expensive than using a separate company to supply and fit the blinds and, if there were any subsequent problems with the blinds and/or the motorhome, the dealership would be the sole point of contact.


If you don’t want to (or cannot) involve the dealership that sold you your motorhome, it would be sensible to indicate the area in the UK where you live as it’s unlikely to be helpful if a forum member suggests a supplying/fitting company based in, say, Portsmouth and you live in, say, Aberdeen...



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