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Dusseldorf Show


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We have just spent the last couple of days camped at the Disseldorf Showground and visited the show.

On the first occasion that we went was 17 yrs ago and bought a FFB made by Tabbert on a Mercedes Chasis, since then we have had various motorhomes all enjoyable vehicles & always bought at the show from German dealers.


That first visit was pretty good and we have returned every couple of years as its always been great to see so many new vehicles and all the different goods of all descriptions.


However this last visit we found that the site now has outgrown itself with regards water,electric and servicing points, and certainly needs more constructing with the amount of vehicles and people that now go to what has become an enormous show,it also has showers and toilets but again needs more to be constructed around the site to suit the huge numbers that arrive now each year as opposed to what it was when we first went all those years ago.

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