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These wretched headlights


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Have you tried to follow Brian Kirby’s advice in the link I posted here?




I found some discussion on French motorhome forums about how to remove Pilote Galaxy headlights, but it refers to later models than yours. The advice includes needing to use a very long screwdriver to reach one of the fixing screws, and - having looked at a photo of a Galaxy 25’s front (attached) - it wouldn’t surprise me if the ‘radiator grille’ might need to be removed to gain access, or the front bumper, or both - or you might have to follow Brain B’s Hymer-related procedure and remove the wheel-arch liner.


I don’t think you’ll get specific advice about this issue on this forum (though you might try posting to the Motorhome Matters forum with the heading “1997 Pilote Galaxy 25 headlight removal?”). You could try the MotorHomeFacts forum as this has a larger population and a Pilote section, or you could try this forum




or you could try a French forum or the Pilote Facebook page




Motorhome dealerships in Lot seem few and far between, but I notice that there is one at Cahors that might be able to help





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They're out! A piece of cake really. The front of our is the same as that shown in the photo,and the bit that might be described as the radiator grill is held on by 10 self tappers, all easily accessed by simply opening the bonnet. We could then easily reach the 3 nuts that retain each light and hoick them out.

Fitting the new ones will presumably be,just as simple, but it was a surprise to find that I can get a pair of left-hand drive headlight units from the UK for less than the cost of one unit in France.

I now have to do a bit of re-wiring at the back to swap the reversing light for high intensity fog lamp and vice versa, and I can just refit the rear lenses on the opposite sides, but upside down, simples.

Many thanks to all of you who have offered help, I am truly grateful, so now it is back to solving the battery charging problem.

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Job done and the new headlights look a treat and were really easy to fit.

I just wanted to sing the praises of Kevin at european-headlights.eu for great service, prompt delivery, and really good price. The price of a pair of headlights delivered to rural France was less than the quote for one headlight from the local Peugeot dealer. Usual disclaimers.


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If you reverse fit the rear lenses, just check that they haven't got drain holes in what is currently the bottom (and now will become the top).

If Pilote used the standard Peugeot parts, you will probably be OK, but Hella (Caraluna, etc.) lenses often have such holes.

They can be bought "handed" so the holes are downwards, but my Rapido was delivered with inverted LHD units with predictable results.

I siliconed the existing drain holes and carefully drilled a couple of new ones at the bottom.

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