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Airbeds or Campbeds?


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In my experience: Airbeds - compact for travel, fairly comfy but can take a fair bit of work to blew up a few unless you've got an electric pump but these can be a bit noisy and take time. Airbeds aren't always that easy to get in and out of either and in double ones you can feel the movement of your partner. If you overfill it with air you can rupture the inner bladders which means lumpy bulges to sleep on! Campbeds - light and pack small, fairly quick to put up - don't get the old fashioned ones that you have to assembly, get the folding one piece ones, much easier to put up. The other benefit is that you arer not sleeping directly on the floor so you should be warmer and they are easier to get in and out of, additionally you can take them outside for sun bathing! Disadvantage - you can roll out of them!!! (lol)
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