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damp in door

old No7

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I'm new to all this but have just purchased an Autosleeper Ravenna and have been told that the side door could be damp as the outer skin seems to have buckled, is there anyway of fixing this? or is it a new door. if its the latter any info on where to look for one would be appreciated. if anyone can help would be most grateful

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Auto-Sleepers produced the “Ravenna” model for quite a few years on either a Ford Transit or Peugeot Boxer chassis and the habitation entrance-door somerimes had a window in it and sometimes did not.


I know that Ravennas had GRP body-panels and I assume that the entrance-door’s outer skin is also GRP. I don’t know how the door itself is constructed, but I’m a mite wary of the idea that the buckling of the door’s outer skin may be due to damp getting in.


It’s difficult to advise on something like this without seeing the damage itself (or at least seeing a photo of the damage) but if the outer skin has detached from the insulation beneath it or there’s wood under the skin that has swollen due to water ingress, there may be no easy way to fix the problem. Finding a replacement door for a Ravenna may well prove extremely difficult.


You could seek advice directly from Auto-Sleepers, or from an Auto-Sleepers dealership, but your best bet to begin with would be to ask about it on the Auto-Sleeper Owners Forum





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