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Fiamma Awning F45i L GEARBOX -Replacement


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Hi All,


Has anyone removed/replaced a winding gearbox on a Fiamma F45i L Awning?


Please need basic instructions, my MH repair shop said it was straight forward unbolt replace, but would like to know if anyone had any problems with the task and best method.


That is do you fully unwind the awning or leave it rolled up, you know basic tips.





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Have a long look through Youtube..

When I was looking to adjust the awning on a previous van, I came across several " how to adjust..how to replace.." type guides, so there may be something...?


Also, look for installation instructions for the 12v motor kits, as I should imagine that they should show you some/most of what you need to know?..


Edit: The "Installation of motor kit F45..." video on here seems to show it...

http://www.fiammastore.com/static/Fiamma_Video_Instructions ?

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You need to be looking at "replacing the winch slot" which shows how to remove the gearbox http://www.fiamma.it/EN/service/video/advices/?video_ID=67&page=1


However, when ours refused to re-wind on a rainy day, I couldn't even get the end cover off to gain access. Screw/s removed from end cover but the cover was just flapping about and wouldn't come free, perhaps the way the Fiamma is semi recessed on a Kontiki 669. After myself and SWMBO struggled for an hour to get the bloody thing retracted it was off to the dealer for a new gear box under the terms of their used MH warranty.

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Thanks for the links (Ken & Pepe) it does look real easy in the video.

The new parts arrived yesterday but i will not be attempting the job till 2nd weekend in October as i am currently working abroad.


I hope it all works out as easy as it looks, we will see....!


Also have to replace the left support arm as that broke when the awning rolled out on its own due to failed gear box, so at least i will not have the problem un-rolling it. It currently held in with a couple of straps.

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