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I am in Southern Spain and with the help of my lap top and an app I am able to watch the Rugby World Cup. It would be better if I could watch it on my Avtex tv but the company tell me there is nothing in their standard range that would have this ability. Internet tv is the way ahead.

Has anyone come across an answer to this.

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Guest pelmetman
mike19841 - 2015-09-24 4:18 PM

Internet tv is the way ahead.


That's been my view for a while ;-) ..............which is why I've not yet invested more than 40 quid in a satellite tv system from Aldi :D .......


Its improving all the time, currently at Marazion and the Status aerial cant get a signal, but my 3 dongle can.............until everyone comes home from work then it struggles with streaming tv *-) ..........


But I can still get on here.........You lucky people :-> ...........



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Did you get the rugby on TV?

In Spain the bar was showing Serbia v Latvia basketball when England were playing, then the French bar closed before the Welsh match because I was the only one in it. Last night I went to a concert instead of watching the Australia match.

Did I miss much?

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