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Leaking taps!!! C524 Hymer


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New here so ,hello !!

Got a Hymer C524, 6 berth. Tap in kitchen leaking from underneath sink area.

How do you get to tap to repair???

Gas taps in front of sink along with cutlery drawer, with no access when drawer removed.

Below that is the cooker, with no access. Then the fridge besides that. No vents to remove from outside.

No access from wardrobe area to right . So how the hell are you supposed to fix the bl***y thing !!!!

Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrgh !!!!!!! >:-(


Any help would be appreciated before I set fire to it..........

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Hi, I think there's an easy way to solve this, if my experience with my Hymer C404 is any guide.


I had drained the system down for winter, and come February I wanted to refill the tanks. As I locked the van up after running taps and checking the heating, I noticed that there was water across the floor next to the kitchen. I hadn't left the taps open over winter, and the frost had got in, pushing the spout section off the tap monoblock. BUT, the pipes under the sink were leaking, and I discovered that the frost had also pushed the pipe connectors off the underside.


Thankfully it was a simple repair, the pipe pushed back into the monoblock tap with a satisfying click!


OK, my van was easier to get at than yours, but I suggest you try to remove the sink first, by unscrewing the drain cover and lifting it out with the black washer seal. Then remove the covers to the four screws around the sink, and the screws. Your sink should just lift out, exposing your gubbins underneath. Replacement ought to be straightforward, remember the seal under the sink cover before screwing everything back together. I used the opportunity to have a good check-up and clean before refitting. It was a five-minute job to do this on my van, good luck with your repairs!

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