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Bedtime - when's yours?


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As my wife is not in the best of health, she does tend to turn in early. I then often sit alone with a nice local beer, anti insect candle (if summer) and soak up the nature. Often get chatting with others, often Brits who are surprised at my brummie accent in spite of a Swiss reg plate! Or sometimes other Swiss or German regs who can't figure out where the hell I come from. Ever tried German with a brummie pronunciation?


I do tend to turn in around 10:30pm or so if there's not much chat with neighbours though. However, 1pm and 2pm have often happened. Even got my travelling squeezebox out on a few occasions. (If you really want to know see - https://www.youtube.com/user/manxli )


What surprises me more as a relative 'newbie', is how late everyone sleeps in mornings. I'm invariably the first in the queue for the travelling baker.


Isn't that the great thing though about motorhoming? That you can do what ever you want and nobody really minds!





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Guest pelmetman
ken the kontiki - 2015-09-26 8:08 PM


When away, bed at midnightish and never up before 9.00am ;-)


Get a puppy >:-) .............



I can't recall a lie in :'( ..........





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