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Help needed - newbie !


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Firstly: We have just purchased the Montana 6p from go outdoors. We cannot find a footprint for it anywhere!! Any ideas???

Secondly: we have booked Val de Cantobre next August. The pitches are 6v - do I need to buy a special hookup? And we would be grateful for any advice on what to take! So far I have a tent!!! Thanks! Karen

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As an ex tent camper of many years I'd never heard of a "foorprint" for a tent - so I Googled it.


( Seems it's a groundsheet - with a new name ).


But Googling " Montana 6P footprint " did appear to come up with some suppliers on Amazon.


Secondly, if you are taking equipment that requires mains electricity, you will need to take a hook-up lead.


Have a good trip.




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