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Renting a MH in Eu

Aussie Mac

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Hi all


Need some advice on best rental options in Western Earope please.


Earlier this year I rented a MH from Justgo for use in the UK (a great time), and am now looking at renting for next year in Europe. We will need to pick up in Amsterdam, then drop off in/near Paris. Total rental will be about 5 weeks. We will need a large MH for comfort, and prefer a rear lounge. Only 2 of us but we like our space! Do not care if it is left or right hand drive.


When I get on the web I find the prices are 2 to 3 times higher per day than what I had this year in the UK. Does anyone have knowledge of rentals in Eu? Are they substantially higher than UK? Any recommendations on companies to contact for Eu rental?





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Better to travel a bit further and rent from Germany prices cheaper than any other country as they have a big hire market, both times we hired we did it in Germany half price of UK.

Holland likely to be very expensive as they have a high sales tax on Motorhomes (40% I think).

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