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Swift Kon-Tiki 645


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I have been looking at a 2004 model of the Swift Kon-Tiki 645. (45,000 on the clock) 2.8cc (is this good?)


However like most newbies I am pretty scared of putting down a great deal of money on the unknown.


Any thoughts (and yes I've been on the Swift website which did nothing to quell my fears). My husband thinks it is all insane but I really like the layout, the fittings seem to be good quality and there is plenty of room for our 3 bichons. It is longer and wider than I would like but to get the internal area I can't see a way around this.


The alternative is to hire but there is nowhere near us that hires and even those that do so seem to have a minimum period of 7 days (too long if we just want to use at at weekend)


Would appreciate your thoughts thank you

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