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URGENT - Truma gas filter fault


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Taken from another forum; Posted by Truma Customer Services


If anyone has fitted a Truma gas filter, you should be aware of a fault in the filter cup and that it needs to be replaced.


Please visit the Truma Website for all the latest information on the gas filter.




If anyone has any questions or concerns about this issue, please don't hesitate to contact Truma Customer Service on 01283 586020.


Kind regards




Truma Customer Service







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I bought and had fitted one of these in-line filters almost two years ago. I received an email from the supplier whilst on holiday and removed the filter from the gas line. I'm now waiting for the replacement filter bowl.


I check the filter bowl annually for the presence of any liquid. I've not found any. When I dismantled the filter to return the suspect bowl, the bowl and the filter cartridge were both bone dry with no evidence of any liquid. We are away roughly 4 months a year and the gas is used daily, mainly for the kettle and the gas hob in the milder months. I have a Gaslow refillable cylinder and top it up after every extended trip. I estimate I get through around 20 litres of gas in the year. All my hoses are the stainless steel type and the inlet to the gas regulator is approximately 3 inches above the outlet from the gas cylinder with a gentle fall from regulator to gas cylinder.


Do forum members have any views on the need for, or effectiveness of, the Truma in-line gas filter? What evidence is now available from long term use? Since my filter cartridge and filter bowl were found to be bone dry, either (1) I have no contaminating oil in my gas cylinder or (2) the fact the regulator is higher than the gas cylinder valve means any liquid drains back into the cylinder, or (3) the filter is ineffective and any contaminant is carried through the filter and not retained.


The presence of the in-line filter complicates the run of the flexible gas hoses. If the filter is either not needed or ineffective I see no reason to reinstall it other than on a "just in case" basis.


Comments welcome.



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I think you‘re right, UB, the filters are simply an additional precaution.

There seems to be much doubt about what has caused regulators to fail and I believe the filter was introduced to catch any ‘oily substances’ that were thought to be the cause. These were believed to come from plasticisers used in the rubber hoses but now it’s thought to be from the LPG itself. I don’t think Truma make stainless hoses, so that may be another reason why they provide filters. If your filters are bone dry, it could be that LPG has been cleaned up and we have nothing to worry about, for the moment.

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I fitted a different type of filter (between the bottle and the hose) 1 year ago after finding a fair bit of oily residue in my duocontrol and regulator. I posted about it on MHFacts here: http://forums.motorhomefacts.com/145-lpg-gas/124022-french-gas-truma-drive-safe-regulators.html


I checked the filters last week and although it was evident that they had caught some muck there was no collected oily residue. However there was oily residue on the joint connecting the filter to the hose so some seems to have passed through. My filters are sintered bronze which I think are different to the Truma filters. On the evidence so far they seem worthless but I'll look at them again after 2 months skiing in the new year.


It is worth pointing out that my hoses run up hill to the duocontrol/regulator but this didn't stop the oil reaching them previously.


The oil is obviously a vapour (apparently it carries the "Mercaptan" stanching agent) in the bulk tanks and stays that way in bottles but I'm starting to think that it "condenses" out when it flows, perhaps especially in cold temperatures which is when we use a lot of gas.





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Oily residue knackered the gas system twice on my van in 2005 so I switched to stainless steel hoses which worked for the next 7 years I had the van. Hymer paid for the labour and I paid for the hoses. Don't know what the hoses are on this current van - they are not stainless steel - but I've had no problem. Never had filters fitted.
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