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Fiat Ducato wing mirrors


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I have a problem, particularly when driving in windy conditions and above 60 mph, with the wing mirrors having a tendency to be moved inwards, gradually.

Does anyone know if the stiffness of the mirrors can be adjusted and if so, how?

If not, has anyone else had this problem and overcome it in any other way?

I cannot see any way into the workings.

Replies would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I understand that your motorhome is a 2007 Bessacarr E540.


The mirrors used on 2006-onwards Ducatos are large and, when they are the ‘long-arm’ type fitted to most coachbuilt motorhomes, there will be significant air-pressure pushing against them when the vehicle is being driven quickly.


This 2014 MotorHomeFacts discussion may help



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We had that issue with an Autotrail Cheyenne and the dealer very kindly replaced the entire mirror for us under warranty which cured the problem.


Whether or not he recycled our otherwise perfect old mirror on another van I know not!


The effects might possibly be to do with aerodynamics on certain styles of vans as much as a tired mirror arm?

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The mirror is well forward on the front edge of the door and, when ‘long arm’ mirrors are fitted, the main assembly is well clear of the door’s surface. Although coachbuilt motorhomes do differ in design above and behind the cab section, the location of the Ducato’s mirror on the cab-door makes it highly unlikely that aerodynamic effects due to body design can have any impact on the mirrors themselves. Due to the increased leverage, ‘long arm’ Ducato mirrors could be expected to be more prone to hinging back under wind pressure than Ducato mirrors with shorter arms, but I don’t think that’s the type of aerodynamic effect you had in mind.


Regarding adjustability of the mirror’s pivot, this 2015 MotorHomeFun discussion




seems to conflict with the advice given by “rugbyken’ in the MHFacts link I provided above.


The Facts and Fun threads are not the only on-line complaints about this, so the problem is clearly not that uncommon.


I don’t know if Fiat will have altered the pivot-mechanism at any stage in the Ducato X250/X290’s life since its introduction in 2006 (I doubt it). All I can suggest is that Veligandu carefully removes one of the mirror trim-pieces, inspects the mechanism and then decides on the best way forward.


Realistically, replacement under warranty won't be practicable with a 2007 vehicle, but it should be possible to increase the resistance to movement at the pivot point. As long as there’s no requirement to regularly fold the mirrors, ‘injecting’ a strong adhesive/filler (eg. a Sika or Henkel product) into the lower pivot ought to prevent the mirrors folding at speed. The potential drawbacks of (essentially) converting a folding mirror into a fixed mirror should be obvious, but I’d rather have a fixed mirror than one that spontaneously folds at speed.

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Derek Uzzell - 2015-10-13 8:23 AM


The potential drawbacks of (essentially) converting a folding mirror into a fixed mirror should be obvious, but I’d rather have a fixed mirror than one that spontaneously folds at speed.


I wouldn't ever recommend converting a folding mirror to fixed because the fold is a safety feature, particulary where impacts with pedestrians are concerned.


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Depends what your mirror design is compared to mine but this may, or may not, help.


Prise off the cover on the underside of the bottom arm.


This exposes the bottom of the pivot and a large staked nut/washer.


Tap that round with a hammer and punch and that should sort it.


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Many thanks for the replies. Unfortuately, there are conflicting reviews both here and elsewhere as to whether the mirrors are adjustable or not. I was unable to easily remove the plastic cover underneath the arm and have no wish to damage it in the process.

I have put a plastic wedge into the gap between the arm and the base and hope this may work.


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I have just had the same problem on a 2008 Ducato.

Having removed the plastic cover, the locking washer was found split and hanging and I assume this is what gives tension to the arm.

If I can find a locking washer that is about 23mm inside dia, then I assume it means accessing the wiring from inside the door, removing I assume a connector and refitting the washer over the bar on the mirror and replacing everything.

Has anyone done this (probably difficult to obtain a washer), but I will try AHC in Camberley, when next there.

Currently I have to drive under 55 mph to stop them moving.

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