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Benimar Mileo 231


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Have a look at these links if you have not done so already.






If I remember rightly, Benimar, like several Continental manufacturers, pulled out of the UK market about the time of the recession. Others such as Pilote, Rapido, Hymer stuck with the UK market. So I would ask whether Benimar are committed to the UK market or simply selling motorhomes whilst the UK market is buoyant.


I understand that Marquis will be exhibiting the Benimar. I suggest you do some research on the Marquis dealership chain as dealers have a big impact on the joy of ownership.


O&A Live do a range of information sheets which you ought to view if you are new to motorhoming. For example:




Before you go to the NEC show, make a list of what your motorhome must have e.g. size and what you would like it to have. That will make it easier for you to compare different models because the show will be full of manufacturers' offerings.

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