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help with route around europe .

o great master jim

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Scores of books on the subject but it would have helped if we had some idea of your ideas and interests.


Due to commitments with elderly relatives we are restricted to about a month away now but rarely plan anything.


Just get off the ferry look at the weather forecast and head towards where the temperature suits us. Long distances at high speed are usually a no no. We are there for the experience and that best done slowly.

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Hi, arm yourself with Acsi sites book, and suggest aires book for France, and similar books for other countries, Bord Atlas for Germany,


make sure you have insurance cover both personal and vehicle breakdown/rescue, as well as vehicle and personal documentation., tax and vehicle insurance, passports etc.


wherever you go, try keeping some sort of diary, photos etc for nostalgia purposes afterwards


enjoy the adventure, and get back safely


bon voyage





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