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Converting a liquid LPG Tank to vapour.


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As you may be aware LPG tanks have the pickup either in the gas at the top, for vapour and in the bottom for liquid/wet wet supply depending on what they are being used for, cooker(vapour) or engine for example.

I'm interested in finding information from peeps or links to web sites where a under slung tank has been changed internally from a liquid tank to vapour by changing/modifying the pickup point tube..

I've search the forums and the interweb without success. The info' is probably on the web but with too many keyword links most searches are not even related.

So that's why I am enquiring here.






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They are pressurised containers which are manufactured to tight parameters, it would be easier, and safer, obtaining a new or second hand tank.

I looked at using my home lpg supply for the car, but it is totally different apparatus.

Look at American rv sites as some have lpg for cooking and have been converted to lpg for driving, pretty sure they are separate tanks.

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There is some stuff about this on-line




including photos on this (USA) link




of what appears to be a ‘universal’ bottle that allows the choice of liquid or vapour gas to be drawn off.


That nobody seems to have reported having successfully modified an underslung LPG tank from liquid-output to vapour-output does not neceassarily mean nobody has tried doing this. It may just mean that they have not survived the experimentation...

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