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great little vac well worth a look

dream machine

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my litle mini handheld vac that I used in my car / motorhome & caravan gave up the ghost - can't complain I'd had it 35 years !


Having looked at all the modern ones most seem rechargeable battery operated which I find don't last long unless you spend big money -after searching I came across this one -




made / imported by Coopers of Storford.




Although it's only mains operated at £19-99 it is well built & designed and really works quite well - certainly good enough for general use while away touring and for keeping the car clean too.


I can reccommend this - It shows you don't have to spend a fortune to get a practical little vac for occassional use in your van.


Coopers do sell sell direct but I bought off Amazon & got free postage.


PS i don't have any connection with Coopers - just a very satisfied customer

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We had one of these, can't remember from wher ewe purchased it , it gave god service for a number of years. Only problem you had to get on hands and knees to vac the floor. We bought one from caravan show a couple of years ago , which has good suction, and also a long handle. Nothing wrong with the one it replaced though. Good Luck B-)
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