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Panel Van Converters


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I am considering moving to a motor home, after many years of tent & folding camper camping.


I am wondering if anyone can recomend a converter for 6m long Ducato panel vans. Must be a good quality converter at a reasonable cost.


I like the idea of designing a conversion to my specification, instead of buying a ready converted van

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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums.


With no motorhome-related background, designing your own Ducato-based panel-van conversion would be a major challenge in my view. Even very experienced motorcaravanners who have taken great care over their planned design and over selection of converter have had trouble during the conversion stage and not always been totally satisfied with the end product.


These links may be helpful










Regarding conversion quality, this company has a longstanding reputation for good work and helpfulness




Regarding ‘reasonable cost’, you’d need to discuss this with whichever converter you chose, but it would be unrealistic to expect Rolls-Royce quality for a Dacia price.

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In addition to Derek's comments, I would add that designing your own PVC or changing the design of a 'mass built' PVC will put up the cost and my make it more difficult to sell. However, if you have specific needs, you may have no option. Given the costs, I would recommend pragmatism over dreams!


I wouldn't run out a small compact motorhome and suggest a read of






Most of the big manufacturers will be achieving your desired good quality at reasonable cost whilst firms such as Youngs, which seems to be maintaining its long-standing good reputation, will undoubtedly build a good quality conversion which will reflect your personal tastes whilst ensuring compliance with legislation etc.

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