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sigma alarm manual


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Hi doedoe and welcome to the madhouse that we know and love as the forum!


Have you tried the Sigma website, or asking the previous owner, or supplying dealer?


Yours may be an older model so you might need to contact them if it is not shown?




Never be afraid to ask - we all had to start - even if it was a long time ago for lots of us!

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Thank you but as it is a used motorhome there is no information about the alarm system and I have tried

on the net to get info but no luck. the last owner didn't have any info on it either and I've had no luck

on the net as I can't find there web site.

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The link takes you to the Scorpion website of which Sigma is part and there is a 'contact us' button.


The only refererence I saw for AC11 in a quick look is for the remote control which seems to apply to several different alaarm systems so maybe your actual alarm system has another reference or number, and for that you would have to locate the alarm's electronic box to see what is written on it.


These are often, but not always hidden up under the dashboard, and sometimes not at all easy to access so maybe you would be better served by finding your local Sigma or Scorpion group supplier and fitter and pay them a visit?


It is probably worth doing as if and when these things go wrong - and they do go wrong - it can be mighty inconvenient if the van will not start or the siren will not stop!

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