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Barry Stimson - Romahome Designer + 60 other things from Cars to Boat Hulls


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Those of you that have owned a Romahome, the Tirol Camper based on a small van, the St Tropez Camper (a Renault Traffic with a Shower) the Stinger sports car, Micro Bug, Safari Six, etc. might have heard of Barry Stimson the designer of all the above and much more?

He is a remarkable designer that has designed a Hull for a 60ft racing yatch and a Trailer 'Tent' that was also a boat, see : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MSC1AZp20o.

Well he is at it again.


He arrived with us today following the delivery here of his new project which was trailered up yesterday from Portsmouth. This new project is based on a Classic Citroen H van that we have been tasked with the mechanical restoration.

Pictures will appear here soon : http://www.citroenhyonline.co.uk/gallery.php

It is going to be a Camper but, something a bit different?

The Citroen H van that will be the basis of the conversion is a surprisingly good example from around 1964 and should restore really well. Although not used for several years we have got it running quite sweetly today. If the driveshaft problem, that we suspect was the reason it was parked up a few years ago, is not too severe we plan a short test drive in the afternoon.


Barry and his Wife Caroline are currently camping just outside the Workshop Compound. As usual for all our guests we supply EHU which should help them to a good nights sleep, ready for a meeting tomorrow morning on what he is going to build and our role in it.

He selected us to do the work after he saw a restored van of ours featured on the Wheeler Dealers TV show so quite a bit of pressure on us.


I don't know how much I will be able to reveal, but I can say that the Project is hoped to be the subject of an editorial in several Motorhome magazines both in the UK and abroad. Maybe you might get to read it in a certain Warners publication?


He was enthusing about the project tonight and obviously excited by it, but I am just as interested in seeing his Campervan that they are staying in, as it is a PVC he designed and built for himself and has some clever touches.


What I am allowed to say and show will be updated here and on the above Gallery page.

The detail will hopefully also make it onto the "Famous HY's" page with Jamie Olivers Citroen Hy van and that of Raymond Blanc : http://www.citroenhyonline.co.uk/famous-hys.php


If anyone watches the Youtube video of the Sportpack Trailer Tent/Boat, please bear in mind it was a long, long time ago as can be seen be the Citroen AX Tow car circa 1990? Try not to laugh too much, the video style is now very dated. :D

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Thanks for telling us about this.


I'm always fascinated by Barry Stimson's designs. In my mind they range from the brilliant to the bonkers, and more often than not they leave me thinking "that's clever, but what if ..." (eg a medium wheelbase Dimension would be interesting).


Couple his ideas with something as iconic as the H van and I'm intrigued.



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Take any older and unusual iconic van, a workshop with space, a few basic tools and the rest is ... jigsaw and mechanical work.


There are Classic Cars with their decorative embellishments ... why not Classic Vans. Now there's a thought.


Unfortunately my workshop has diminished to square centimetres from Metres but .............

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Guest pelmetman

Romahome's, much like older Autosleeper hold their values much better than some other marks..........


GRP seems to carry a premium when it comes to buying older campers ;-) .........


Its a shame the moho industry has turned it back on the stuff *-) ...........



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I know exactly what you mean about designs that range from brilliant to bonkers, but I think that is a sign of a great designer.

Barry showed me his own PVC in which they overnighted outside the workshop. It's a Fiat Ducato 2011 standard Wheelbase model. It appeared so much more spacious than any I have seen before.

Despite a big 6' x 6' "triple" bed layout, and a separate single bed there was still a Shower/Thetford Loo. The day area seemed really big.


He showed me how the bed set up which takes about 45 seconds. As usual with Barry, it was clever but simple.

The Sofa backrest cushions had a built in 'Hard Back' which makes things so simple. You just opened 3 storage area doors between the two opposing sofa cushions that ran along each side front to back.

You take out the two Duvets, one thin under Duvet and a fatter one for the conventional 'top' Duvet.

The doors to the cupboards between the Sofa cushions then stayed open to support the bed base.

The two 'backrest cushions then sit directly on the doors.

Because the light weight 'board support' was already built into the back of the cushion there was no messing about pulling out slats, etc.


Throw the 'under' duvet on the cushions, then the 'over' duvet goes on and climb between the two.

It takes about 45 seconds to make the bed. 30 seconds to convert back to a day area.


The single bed is just as clever.


Both occupants of the big bed could still get up to go to the Loo in the Night without disturbing the other.

In the morning one of them gets out of bed, makes the Coffee then climbs back in to bed to drink it. The Galley is still fully usable, despite a proper Shower/Loo compartment with a 'hard' door not curtains.

Amazing use of space.


Guess where the controls for the heater are? Yes, correct, right where you can turn them on from your pillow.

Wake up, switch on the Heater. Wait 20 mins for it to warm up then make the Coffee without your Toes freezing.

We had a Caravan that, once the bed was made up, you could not access the Heater controls. You had to half dismantle the bed to put the heating on in the morning, then reassemble the bed to climb back into the warmth while the van got Toasty.


I know there are lots of good PVCs out there, but this was designed and built by the man himself in super quick time. I know it is always subjective, but this is the first small van I have seen that I could holiday in. It felt like a big coach built but without the price tag or external size.

Everything is so well thought out, not just in terms of living in it, but building it. It is so clever, yet simple. It could be built so easily/cheaply. Shame the man is talking about 'retiring'. "I am 103 and getting too old".


Sadly, his PVC didn't have any Fibre Glass as he had to build it quickly for his own holiday.

Sculpting the 'furniture', then moulding it for a one off, is a major investment and a lot of time.



Citroen H van : He only went through the design and layout of the Citroen H van very quickly, but it is a good layout in what is pretty much the same floor area as a 1950's VW Camper. Yet I think it will look 3 times as big and be much more usable.


On the web pages there is a fully documented step by step Citroen HY van French Fire Engine conversion from a rusty wreck to a Camper (http://www.citroenhyonline.co.uk/karans-camper.php ).

That is good but Barry Stimson's will out do it.


I have been asked not to post any photos that might detract from the magazine articles, but once the articles are written and 'in print', I will try and give a sneak preview.








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Guest pelmetman
aandncaravan - 2015-11-04 9:48 PM



Sadly, his PVC didn't have any Fibre Glass as he had to build it quickly for his own holiday.

Sculpting the 'furniture', then moulding it for a one off, is a major investment and a lot of time




Some pic's of his current van would be nice? ;-) ..............



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