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Rear Steadies


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starvin marvin - 2015-11-11 10:58 AM


Keithl - 2015-11-10 4:36 PM




If you want to try a quick and relatively cheap option then get a pair of Fiamma steadies and place under your chassis at the rear... http://www.fiammastore.com/Fiamma-Jacks-and-Steadies-for-caravans-and-motorhomes/Fiamma-Aluminium-Stabilising-Jacks


As for Aux Air Suspension, we have a Dunlop system from Marcle Leisure fitted to our Merc. They do similar systems for Fiats. http://www.marcleleisure.co.uk/store/index.php


I fitted ours to firm up the ride and reduce swaying as the Merc's are notorious for soft suspension but the added bonus was reduced movement when pitched. You are looking at around £400 for the basic kit plus fitting if you can't DIY.




Many thanks, I've been looking for these on and off for ages, seen loads of Krauts using them. They've gone onto my shopping list. Brilliant.


Bought a pack of 4 (only needed 2!) in plastic and used them over Christmas on a trip away for a few days. Excellent, stopped the van moving in the wind.

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The Moca steadies arrived in double quick time and I got them fitted, which was an easy process. I have not replied until now as we couldn't use the van during December after fitting them. We are now in southern Spain and experienced very high winds whilst on site. The legs have done a wonderful job and we are really pleased with the result. Thanks again Robinhood and Derek as your advise was great and have helped us to appreciate and enjoy our van whilst on a long winter get away.



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