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SeA Dinghy 1 winter vent covers


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We bought a SeA Dinghy 1 motorhome earlier this year, we are trying to find winter vent covers, it has a large vent and a separate small vent below, we bought two covers which are the right size to fit the large vent but they will not lock on, any help would be great.Thanks.

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I understand that you have a 2002 SEA Dinghy 1 motorhome.


I‘ve looked at on-line photos and it looks like the fridge used was a relatively small capacity Dometic model. It might be expected, then, that the large exterior ventlation grille would also have been a Dometic product and - if that were so - that Dometic winter covers should fit. As the covers you’ve obtained apparently do not lock on to the large grille there are several possibilities


- You’ve got the right covers but you are not fitting them correctly.


- The covers do not match the grille. For example, it’s a Dometic grille but you’ve bought Thetford covers, or it’s a Thetford grille and you’ve bought Dometic covers, or the covers you’ve bought match the make of grille but are for a different model of grille.


- The large grille is neither a Dometic nor a Thetford product and no suitable winter covers are marketed for it.


There are images of caravan fridge ventilation grilles (some with winter covers) here




If you can identify which grille you have it may be possible to advise on which covers would be appropriate.



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When I bought my vent covers last year, they were specific to the make and similar models of the Domestic fridge/freezer I had. Mine are two different sizes. So start from the make and model of your fridge and work out what vent covers you need. Have a look at Leisureshopdirect.


I assume the locks do move when not on the van and it is only when you try to cover the vents, you have a problem. If you have the right ones, check there are no obstruction in the vents and check to ensure the vents have not been damaged - it is not unknown for them to become warped if overheating.


I've been putting vent covers on for 25 years and never found that they do not lock into place.

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