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Take Part in a New Caravan TV Show

Alaska TV

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Hello all,


We're looking for caravanners of all backgrounds, ages and parts of the country to take part in a new TV series.


We specialise in warm British shows like Barging Round Britain with John Sergeant, Very British Problems and, of course, Carry on Caravanning which was broadcast earlier this year. It's still on the Channel 5 catch-up service if you missed it.


Now we're making a full primetime caravanning series and we're looking for caravanners to take part.


In each programme we'll follow four caravan trips. The idea is that viewers see the British Isles and British holidays through the eyes of those that know them best.


We'll have time for all sorts of caravanners in the series, so whoever and wherever you are, as long as you tour for fun and laughs (whether your destination is for ballroom dancing, Blackpool lights or just a big relax), we'd love to hear from you. You'll need one weekend free in spring 2016.


And if it's not for you, but you know a caravanner you think would love it, then please pass on our details.


To find out more, contact Lucy or Johnny on 02076440000 or email info@alaskatv.co


Many thanks.


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