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Dab gone from radio- Peugeot Boxer M\H Nov 2014


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It seems the DAB frequency has dissapeared on my radio fitted in a Baily Autograph 625 on a Peugeot chassis.

The problem came whilst travelling Europe this year when I switched the radio selector from DAB to FM.

When I returned to the UK the only Stations I could select was FM and AM

I am at present involved in a full blown argument between the supplier Kimberley caravans of Darlington.Baileys of Bristol and Peugeot. The vehicle radio has been checked by 4 technicians who say "are you sure this is a dab radio !!!!! "

Kimberley finally said that I am right there should be a DAB radio installed and the argument has now changed to who should replace it.

May I say that not once has the radio been removed.In my frustration I puchased the radio removal keys and took out the radio to find information.The radio is a FIAT 250 VP1 DAB.

I have trawled the internet but can find very little on it.

Anyone any ideas?

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When you removed it, did you disconnect the power plug?

If you did not, you should try this.

Remove the unit and disconnect both the power and other plugs from it.

Leave it disconnected for a minute and plug it back in again. It might reset itself if there was a CAN error.

It is also possible that there was a problem with the DAB antenna or it's amplifier. If there was no DAB signal detectable, it might have assumed that it did not have to offer DAB any more!

To be honest though, the tests above are as far as you should go. Get the supplying dealer to sort it out for you!

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...whilst it's a long shot, it's not unknown for DAB to be made available on such radios via a dedicated "add-on" unit bus-connected at the rear.


(This is not a generic solution, but a dedicated one specific to the head-unit).


My Clarion unit has such a (Clarion) add-on. Only with it connected and powered does the option to select DAB as a source, and control it, become available (without, there is simply no evidence that it could be an option).


It may be that you have the same arrangement, and that either the bus connection is loose, or has dropped out, or the (separate) DAB unit has lost power (fuse, etc.).


It is somewhat unlikely, but not impossible, that Fiat have taken a similar route to add DAB as an option, a perusal of the sockets at the rear of the unit might reveal whether or not this is the case.

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I thought the Peugeot,Citroen and Fiats were all similar and on our Fiat the DAB radio antenna is in the OS wing mirror, I seem to remember reading on one forum about Mirror Guards not having the drain hole in the correct place and the DAB aerial being ruined by retained water.
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All vehicles with the DAB option come with roof mounted multi-function antennae (unless they are a chassis cowl destined to be an A class) but there is an option to have the antenna relocated to the nearside mirror housing. We opted for this on our Luton type vehicles and it has worked perfectly.


The DAB 'module' is contained within the head unit. It is not an add-on.


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