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Aviano Hartel door deadlock


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We have a 12 plate Burstner Aviano i645, imported from Germany recently. I would like to fit a Yale type dead bolt to the Hartel habitation door using a round Yale lock rim on the outside and turn knob on the inside. Does anyone know what the internal construction of these doors are? is there an optimum place to drill the hole? I don't want to drill through a cross member if there are any!

Thanks, Graham

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The Hartal door basically consists of the normal composite outer wall material (similar to that used in the rest of your German van) and a dense foam inner layer, covered by the inner plastic trim.


Assuming your door is similar to my Hartal door, the inner plastic trim is in 2 sections. The smaller section nearest the existing lock can be removed. You will need to remove the inner door grab handle and the surround to the internal lock. The plastic trim can now be removed. It is held in place by the door rubber and industrial type Velcro strips along the inner edge.


You will need to remove this smaller section of trim in order to find out the best place to instal the security dead lock. You may also need to cut a rectangular aperture in the side of the plastic trim for the bolt throw.


There is a place in the West country who fit these locks to the cab door so maybe they can also fit to the hab door. The name escapes me but perhaps others will know.



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PJay - 2015-11-20 9:57 AM


We have fitted one of these to our van. Very good. Ours fits on the van side not the door, and slides over the door. I think ours is a Fiammi make




Been to van to-day. The lock we fitted is made by Milenco. Have also seen them fitted to garage doors on some vans

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Thule/Milenco market a range of door protection devices intended for motorhome/caravan doors, as does Fiamma








These are fitted externally and the Thule “Inside-Out Lock G2” and the Milenco-badged “2015 Security Door Lock” can be operated from within the leisure-vehicle and from outside.


A French-made external sliding lock that can be operated from inside and outside a motorhome is also available




but I don’t think there’s a UK distributor.

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