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Ours was pre-ordered from Vicarious - specified 2nd class post - and it arrived on Wednesday.


The programme seems to just get bigger and bigger each year - there are more than 200 additional campsites in the scheme this time compared to 2015. Total 3,142 in 2016.


And of course the number of price bands has increased again from four to five.


And the website http://www.campingcard.co.uk/ has been updated during this week, with the 2015 information deleted and the new data for next year loaded.


All looks pretty good. :-)

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Knauser - 2015-12-15 4:47 PM


Hi all,


Sorry if the question has been asked before, but what is the advantage of ACSI and how does it work? We're planning to go to Corsica next August, would it help us there?






There are 12 campsites on Corsica that will be accepting the ACSI discount scheme in 2016, but as mentioned already - it is an off-peak programme, so little opportunity in August.


However, whilst most of the ACSI sites on the island begin the discounts from around 1 September, there are a couple that start as early as 20th August, another on 25th of the month, and a forth one that starts on the 27th of the month. The fixed prices for those sites cover the price ranges €15; €17 & €19 per night for a pitch, 2 adults, a dog, and a hook-up. Local tourist tax will most likely have to be added.


The high season on Corsica is slightly longer than on the mainland, where more locations start offering the discounts after the second half of August. But each site can determine its own dates when it will make the low fixed prices available. And indeed, at more popular sites even on the French mainland, it can be well into September before they come on stream.



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