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Loads more Aires videos on YouTube


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I've been busy uploading over 100 videos of the Aires, wildcamps and camper parks that we've used in the last 2 months of our current road trip.


These videos are of the stopover locations themselves rather than dash cam footage of the approaches, so hopefully they will be of interest to anyone pre-planning trips in those areas.


The latest 100 videos cover a lot of Portugal and some of Andalusia and Murcia in Spain.


The video page is here - https://www.youtube.com/user/ClubMotorhome/videos

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Cattwg - 2015-12-07 7:11 PM


Thank you for the information. We are probably going to tour Portugal and Northern Spain next spring so your videos are all grist to the mill.

Cattwg :-D


You're welcome, enjoy your trip! :-)


lynneroy - 2015-12-08 1:09 PM


Thank you so much, I really enjoyed your blog, and thanks for sharing all your knowledge of the Aires.


Keep on travelling,


Lynne :-)


You're welcome, its a pleasure. Video is a great way to show these places :-)

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Oliver Cromwell - 2015-12-13 2:52 PM


Those are great thank you.


The Spanish wild camping ones look very tempting.


This trip was the first time we had spent time in Murcia. We'd heard it was good for wildcamping and we certainly weren't disappointed.


Quite a few of the Portugal videos include wildcamping too :-)

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