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Seaside Day Trip From Swindon

Wasnt Me

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Hello all.


Not used the van for a few weeks now due to things getting in the way of using it.


Looking for a location to have a day trip on Saturday, to give it a run.


Like the idea of a beach, so dog and kids can run, fish and chip lunch and then something else?


Any ideas?


Need to be mhome friendly obviously for parking, happy to buy 2 parking tickets if required.


Thanks in advance.

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Weston-super-Mare offers parking ON the beach, which is available throughout the year.


Surprisingly, the sand is completely firm and safe. It is operated by North Somerset Council.


Initially, I was apprehensive of taking our van there, given its weight. But no problem, and plenty of other motorhomes use it. The designated safe area is marked out with wooden posts. MH costs exactly same price as for a car and no allocated bays - so pretty relaxed. Cost is lower in the winter.


The Google streetview link below illustrates the entrance, which is at the opposite end of the promenade from the pier and town centre - so quite a walk to go there.




Alternatively, there is some on-road parking along the prom, but may be a bit restrictive with the van - not sure.



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Tracker - 2015-12-08 12:41 PM


If the wind is strong and from the West or South West as is often the case this time of year Penarth or Barry Island might be less draughty alternatives to consider?


It is certainly worth trying to choose a 'good weather' day if you can - today would have been very pleasant. Although I do agree with Tracker - possibly a bit breezy. Definitely blows the cobwebs away.


We obviously live nearer to W-s-M, and enjoy parking up on the beach in winter to give the van a run out. But always pick a fine sunny day if possible. Take some reading material, a picnic lunch and enjoy a walk before lunch.

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Thanks for this.


I did think about Weston sur mer, but was concerned it might be a bit tacky?


We are tied to Saturday so the weather will be what it is.


Not sure about this drive on the beach lark, sounds a bit risky.



Any other suggestions please, probably not over the bridge though thanks.


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Hi, I would love to suggest a trip to bournemouth area, pier to wander on, christmas market, in the streets, winter gardens to explore etc..


BUT NOT IN A MOTORHOME, banned on carparks, height barriers, etc...


you might have got in at Castle Point out of town shopping area, but NOT WITH A BIG MOTORHOME, parking area on upper deck has weight restriction, and lower deck is height restricted. Also the A338 is currently undergoing roadworks causing major delays..avoid it like the plague.


Sorry but seaside at Bournemouth area is definitely off limits for motorhomers.






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