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Fridge lights


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Billggski - 2015-12-18 7:09 PM


Just remembered I wanted to update my fridge with a blue light like all the new ones I saw at the NEC, but where do I find these blue bulbs?


If you have a Dometic fridge the following 2013 forum-discussion may be relevant




Having done some follow-up research, I believe that the ‘funny’ 12V bulb that was used in older Dometic fridges’s interior lamps was also commonly employed in vehicle dashboards. On that basis the LED-equivalents advertised here should fit.



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Might not be easy to use LED strips to replace a fridge’s interior light...


Past complaints have been that the 12V bulb used in earlier Dometic fridges’ interior light was a) unique to Dometic, b) expensive and c) difficult to source. In fact, none of those things seem to be true.


I believe a direct replacement is as advertised here




The base-fitting design is critical and - although there are now LED equivalents of certain 12V dashboard bulbs - I’m now not certain that the LED bulb I suggested earlier would fit. It would be wise to check this with the advertiser.

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