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Waste water drain valve location

on the up

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Just bought a 2005 Autocrusie Starburst. 2.2 Peugoet It's our first motorhome. Trying to get used to all the functionality.


Three potential outstanding issues


1. Unable to get diesel / electric heater to fire on diesel.

2. Oddly can't seem to locate the waste water drain valve.

3. Clutch bite is right at the top of the pedal movement. No slipping just seems odd


Vehicle has had little use in the past 5 yrs only covered 15k miles


Any help or advice us appreciated.??

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Welcome to the forum. We used to have a Starburst and it was one of the best vans we have ever had.


1 The Eberspacher diesel is very good when it is good but can be difficult at times. Due to the very high current draw needed to fire up the boiler you will need a very healthy leisure battery and ours worked better when we had over half a tank of diesel. Didn't the person you bought it from show you how itworked? Do you have a warranty as fixing them is a bit specialist and you will probably be best served by getting it checked by an Eberspacher specialist, preferably one with leisure experience as opposed to just truck experience.


2 Waste watre drain valve on ours was close to the door, and when drainingout always left a puddle right where you needed to walk!


3 Can't recall if it is hydraulic or cable clutch. If cable there might well be some adjustment, if hydraulic the cllutch may be on the way out as there is no adjustment

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Thanks for the quick response.


The leisure battery does'nt seem to up to 12v plus. So may be a problem. What size replacement would be best?

I am arranging for a 'specialist' to check out the Heater once the festive holidays are over.


Suspect it's a hydraulic clutch, so might have to keep an eye on it. Assume Replacement clutch would be an expensive job on the 2.2 diesel hdi engine,


Still very happy with the Starburst, can't wait to take her away for a few trips.

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Hi, we have a friend who has the similar van, and their big complaint is with the heater..it wont work in the coldest weather, because the battery is not very efficient at low temperatures, and to get the heater to fire up requires a battery in excellent condition.

you might well need to replace the battery with a new one, and it would be advantageous to get a solar panel at least to help keep it topped up


our friend has been seriously looking to change for a van with a gas heater option.


their other complaint concerns the random readout of fresh water contents,..helped by cleaning the sensors in the tank, but difficult to get at them.





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I believe that Peugeot Boxers post-2002 all have a hydraulically-operated clutch and no capability for manual adjustment regarding where the clutch ‘bites’ during clutch-pedal travel. (I think there is a single reservoir providing hydraulic-fluid to both the clutch and brakes, which might confuse the issue as to whether the clutch is hydraulic or cable.)


Some suggested costs for clutch replacement can be found here:




(Apparently the cost of parts isn’t too bad - it’s the labour charges that hurt!)


A recommended replacement battery would be one of Varta’s “Professional Dual Purpose” range.




Which you chose might depend on whether there are physical-dimension limitations, but you’d be wise to opt for an LFD90 90Ah as a minimum.


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Like Tracker,I also owned a 2005 Autocruise Starburst, actually a Starlet 2 which was a Marquis special

Model, but basically the same van.

I really liked the Eberspacher heater/hot water system, in fact I much prefered it to my present Truma combi 4E Which I find very tempramental. Agree that you do need a good battery though, I fitted a 110ah. To mine, and never had another start-up problem. Getting it serviced by an Eberspacher service center (lots of them about) is a good idea . I also fitted a replacement waste pipe and large bore tap, to speed up emptying the waste tank. Got them from CAK tanks in Coventry,

Congratulations on a very good choice of van, I still miss mine. Ray


Waste pipe position just behind habitation door, clipped up behind skirt. (Mine was anyway).

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With the benefit of experience I would heartily suggest adding a second leisure battery and a solar panel and proper regulator as in my view a single battery is not man enough for the job of keeping the heater going when not on ehu.


As Derek says the Varta, or a Bosch would be my first choice too and thereare lots of online suppliers for these and buying two new ones now is a good way to start as you will know they are good 'uns.


12 volts is flat and it is probably useless - a decent charged battery will show an at rest voltage of at least 12.6 volts and fully charged around 12.8 volts. That said it is always worth bench charging it with a decent charger like a Ctek and if it holds voltage it may yet come in handy as a spare. If it does not hold at least 12.6 volts after being fully charged and sat at rest for a day or two it is probably not worth keeping - other than as emergency lighting in your shed!


As I recall, the leisure battery sits in a well under the n/s bench seat, and I added my second initially by siting it against the rear panel of the locker but later re-sited it to the space between the front passenger seat and the bench seat to create more storage for Duvalays in the locker. We never used the front seat swivels but If you do want to swivel the seats that location is not an option!


That reminds me Ray - I relocated the waste tank tap onto the bottom of the skirt so that I did not get my hands (or knees!) filthy when trying to find and open it!

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Which reminds me - the front bottom corners of the bodywork just behind the cab doors are particularly vulnerable due to their low ground clearance and the wide turning circle of the Alko chassis - but they are easily repaired with grp, filler and a can of matching aerosol paint!

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