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Richard J

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Hi All,

I want to wire in a new socket direct to the battery, so that it can be used even when the engine is running.

Access between the battery and where i want the socket is very difficult. I do have a lead direct from the solar panel to the battery with easy access. Is there any reason why i can't break into that cable, put an in line fuse in and then run up to the new socket ? This will still be a direct connection to the battery, but am i missing anything fundamentally wrong ?



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There are two considerations:


1   Is where you plan to cut into the cable between the regulator and the panel?  If so you cannot use it.

2    What current do you plan to draw from the socket and is the cable you plan to cut into thick enough to handle the combined load of the two jobs?


The answer is almost certainly you cannot cut into this cable safely.  You might however be able to use it to pull an additional cable through by temporarily disconnecting at the battery end.




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