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Project anyone?

rambling robin

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Brambles - 2016-01-21 11:24 AM


Tracker - 2016-01-21 10:23 AM


Nice camping trailer - take out the seats, fit an A frame, use it as a sleeping pod!


It had an A frame and this was this was the result I assume.


Attach the A frame securely next time!

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George Collings - 2016-01-21 1:30 PM


Was that field find any where in South Devon. If not I know where there is one very similar.






I think you should approach that white van with some caution.


He might just be ' wild ' camping.



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Simple question. Reader nervous about oily bits had best look away.


Putting the Traction Avant engine ahead of the TA gearbox would have given one forward and thee reverse gears. The crown wheel needs to be on the opposite side of the crownwheel. Was the H box different or was there room to turn the Diff over..

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The engine for the H van rotates in the opposite direction to the Citroen Traction/DS.

When they adapted the 1936 Citroen Traction engine for the H van they made a lot of changes to the block, not the same engine as you may read.


But they also designed a different Gearbox for the H, much stronger, so handles the extra power of our Ford Transit engine transplant quite well.

Gearbox redesigned again when the Peugeot 404 engine Diesel was fitted from 1967. These 'MkII' vans are the best, lots of improvements to Brakes, suspension, engine, etc.



Don't talk to us about WD40, we hate the stuff as it gets used for everything from a lubricant to a protective coating when it is awful at both. It attacks some plastics very badly.


It is a good Water Dispersant (hence WDxx). Products out that that do every thing else much better.


One of our mechanic used to swear by the stuff as a penetrating fluid, until he started using a proper penetrating fluid.

We get Motorhomes and Caravans in where WD has been used on Lockers/Doors and the owners wonder why the doors are getting harder to open the more they put on.




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An engine that runs anti clockwise viewed from the timing gear end. Not so many of them about. Thanks for that.


I had a Traction Avant in the late 60s. Scrapped it due to a loud knock believed to have been a cracked piston. My revving it guts out in second could have have something to do with it.


A couple of years before was being carted around the Pyrenees in an H van on workcamps..


The idea of the 40 was to put it out of its misery. A cornered Convoy should be treated with respect.

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aandncaravan - 2016-01-22 11:24 AM


Gearbox redesigned again when the Peugeot 404 engine Diesel was fitted from 1967. These 'MkII' vans are the best, lots of improvements to Brakes, suspension, engine, etc.



I didn't realise that you guys were Indenor experts, as per this from your website:


"When the indenor is used in its marinised guise of the Volvo Penta M21 engine, although it's revs are often at the lower end of the rev scale the load of a propellor is reatively light at these engine speeds. Also when the Injection system requires maintenance it tends to smoke more, which on a slow moving Boat is a quite a nusiance. So boat owners tend to keep the Injection system in top condition with regular servicing. All helping this engine build an exceptional reputation amongst Boat owners. We know of one owner specifying a rebuilt 35 year old Indenor on his brand new built boat rather than install a new modern diesel."


As an Indenor XDP4/90 (Volvo Penta MD21B) owner myself I thought that I'd found most sources of expertise, parts etc. but hadn't come across you - perhaps you should spread the word in the boating sector.

My own is now 32 years old and running well. I do have a new Beta43 sitting in the shed as I was having trouble finding some VP-specific parts, but as I've now found them the Beta may sit there for some years yet..


This is mine purring happily away:


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Steve, Not sure Indenor 'experts' is quite the right description for us but we have rebuilt 4 of these engines, one for export to Norway.

They found there way into Jeeps, Cars, Tractors, Boats and Vans.

The 2,100cc Volvo Penta 2.1 is pretty much the same as the 1,946cc Citroen H van/Peugeot 404 version, just bigger bore. Very sturdy, well made.



Our main expertise is rebuilding the H van Petrol engines and the Ford OHC engine.



George, we are in the middle of building a special Pinto 2.1 high torque engine for fitment in a very rare 6 wheeler Citroen H van we are restoring.

There won't be another Citroen H van like it in Europe. See : http://www.atlanticmotorhomeservices.co.uk/citroen-hy-catering-conversions.php


It will most likely be a very different experience to the asthmatic vans you travelled around in years ago?


I am hoping that next years project will be an ultra short wheel base pickup, like that below, built from an otherwise unroadworthy rusty wreck and chopped down.


Not sure Mr Citroen would approve?


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Be really ambitious and find an SM ex Maserati engine.


I ran A DOHC two valve Sierra and that was a punchy motor. I remember reading the Ford blurb when it was new and the head was supposed of been designed as a van unit paying particular attention to heat flow as heavily loaded commercial could spend long periods at full power.


I blame this madness on the midnight oil fumes.

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