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My 2005 Hobby motorhome’s washroom incorporated a separate shower. The washroom had an opening window (outside the shower ‘cubicle', of course) but no rooflight and, because we used the shower on a daily basis, a lot of condensation would form on the shower-cubicle’s ceiling and this caused mould to appear. The ceiling of the shower-cubicle had a ‘paper’ finish and the mould ate into this and damaged it. Not too long before I sold the Hobby I covered the shower-cubicle’s ceiling with a plastic ’skin’, which is something Hobby could easily have done to begin with.


My current Rapido motorhome has its shower integrated into the toilet compartment. It’s less user-friendly than the Hobby’s arrangement, but the Rapido’s ceiling is hard plastic and there’s a rooflight that provides much better ventilation.


I did consider putting a small rooflight in the Hobby’s shower-cubicle, but was reluctant to cut another hole in the roof. I also consided fitting a solar-powered roof ventilator in the cubicle (example below)




but decided it wasn’t really worth the effort. That’s probably the best/simplest approach in your case, but how easy it would be to install would depend on your motorhome’s roof construction.


Can’t help with Midlands companies that would take on the task, as I would have DIYed it.

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