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Habitation door malfunction


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Some time ago the internal habitation door handle on my Dethleffs Advantage I6571 went "floppy", as if a return spring had become detached/broken. It still worked but didn't return fully to it's normal upright resting position. I have lived with it until now but yesterday the external handle did not release the latch and I couldn't get into the motorhome. Today it did work. Can't live with that situation.

Anyone any idea how to get inside this mechanism?

Setting off soon to sunnier climes.

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Rup - 2017-09-15 11:47 AM


I have an identical problem. Have you fixed yours? If so, how?


The OP hasn't logged on since 7/12/16 so don't think your going to get an answer to how he fixed it.


If you provide more details then perhaps others will be able to help.

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