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Trip to Italy in May and June 2016


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My wife and I are planning to go to Italy via Belgium, Germany and possibly Austria. It will be our first trip this way in our 7 metre, 3,650 KG plated Auto-trail Tracker. The forum threads have been really informative on vignettes and the Go Box as well as other issues. We will travel with our Border Terrier.


So many things to take advice about please. We fancy some time in the Black Forest and a few days by the Bodensee. It is all weather dependent. If it is cool and wet we will move swiftly into Italy to find some sun..


Brian's advice about travelling toll free from Fussen to Bolzano has appeal but what is the motorway like from Innsbruck through Austria. I appreciate it is tolled. Is it a good route and what is the Brenner Pass like?


We are hoping to visit Lucca, San Gimignano and Siena. Possibly Lake Trasimeno too. On the return journey we have friends who live near Zurich so any advice on the best route out of Italy through Switzerland would be helpful. Any campsite advice anywhere along this route would be appreciated. Given that we have our dog with us we need to stop where we can walk into a village or small town. Many thanks.

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