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fitting fresh water tank heater


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I am thinking of installing a 12 volt tank heater for next winter. I see CAK tanks do a thermostatically controlled heater. I can't access the the tank insides but I see they also do a mounting plate. Does anyone have experience of this. I am guessing you drill an appropriate size hole a couple of inches up on the tank side and fix the heater to the mounting plate and fix the whole lot with some sort of sealer. Not worried about doning the electrics. Just hopefully some advice on the installation of the heater.

Any advice gratefully received


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These earlier forum threads may be helpful








(I’m sure your guess is correct about how the CAK mounting-plate is employed. Drill a hole in the tank, attach heating-rod to mounting-plate, stick rod though hole and then screw the plate to the tank gobbing plenty of sealant under the plate.)






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